11 August, 2015

Trek Across Maryland: Day 3 For Claire Russell

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Day 3 of our Trek Across Maryland brings on a few welcome changes. First, we welcome Ben Hall who joins us a a single day trekker as we dedicate this

10 August, 2015

Uh-Oh! Two Days Of Showers And Storms

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The radar is active this morning with rain across central Maryland, but the main are of Low Pressure is still out in IL. That will move across on Tuesday. There

9 August, 2015

Small Quake, Sunday Showers, Rain Expands East Monday

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There was a minor earthquake in Maryland on Saturday night around 10PM. It was centered in Crownsville, and people felt it. But it only registered a 2.2M, so not even

7 August, 2015

Rain Outlook Today, Beach Weather, Improving Weekend

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A hint of autumn in the air. It is not really chilly, but cool and the light rain across most of Maryland. There are a few areas of Low Pressure