28 February, 2017

Rain Timeline This Evening Then Severe Storm Potential Tomorrow

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4: 20 PM Tuesday February 28 Rain moving in this afternoon is just in time for the evening commute. This will make for a wet ride home and last beyond

23 February, 2017

Foggy Morning Then Warming With And Some Get Evening Rain

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Thursday Feb 23 - We start this morning with a Dense Fog Advisory in parts of central Maryland. This is issued when visibility is down below 1/4 mile, which can

18 February, 2017

Spring Like Today And Next Week But Records May Surprise You

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Saturday February 18 - We can not ignore the warm air that will dominate our weather for the next week. As snow lovers it may be a tough pill to

17 February, 2017

Cold Morning Then Spring Preview For A Week

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Friday Feb 17 - Temperatures this morning are the coldest of the week. The good news is that winds are light and that will make the day overall feel much

15 February, 2017

Rain To Our South Then Warming Up This Weekend

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February 15 - Here is the storm that could have been. Last week there was a day or two when the European Model showed a show event. I did not

7 February, 2017

Switch Still On: Record Warmth Rebounding Back To Snow

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Tuesday February 7 - Something special is on the way with sixties and seventies to snow in a day. Say that five times fast and it will either make you spit or

6 February, 2017

Snow After Temps In The 60s This Week

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Monday February 6 - Baltimore hit a high temperature of 61°F today. This is not a record, but way above average. Not our typical February day, and Tuesday will be

6 February, 2017

Turning Pretty Warm But Still Snow Behind Storm

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Monday Feb 6 - Many of us might be groggy waking up after that incredible Overtime Super Bowl finish last night, so I promise to make this quick and to

5 February, 2017

A Warm Storm May Be Followed By Snow This Week

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Sunday February 5 - Today is Super Bowl Sunday... A day last week that looked like we would have snow. Well, if you missed the updates over the past few days,

23 January, 2017

Strongest Winds This Morning Heaviest Rain After Noon

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Monday January 23 - A Wind Advisory is in place and it is already howling. At 6 AM area wind gusts are already pushing 35 mph, and expected to get stronger