23 February, 2017

Foggy Morning Then Warming With And Some Get Evening Rain

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Thursday Feb 23 - We start this morning with a Dense Fog Advisory in parts of central Maryland. This is issued when visibility is down below 1/4 mile, which can

22 February, 2017

Beginning the Next Big Warm Up

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Wednesday Feb 22 - A few light showers were passing through Washington and southern Maryland this morning. That will open up the warm flow and allow temperatures to begin to

21 February, 2017

Warm End To February But Colder In March

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February 21 - This morning is chilly as we have temperatures closer to reality in the 30s. Sunrise may have been a sign of the beautiful weather ahead.  Talk about

19 February, 2017

Close To Record Heat For A Week

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Sunday Feb 19 - We are in a weather pattern that may resemble early May. But we still need to consider the colder ground, surrounding water, and lower sun angle. The

18 February, 2017

Spring Like Today And Next Week But Records May Surprise You

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Saturday February 18 - We can not ignore the warm air that will dominate our weather for the next week. As snow lovers it may be a tough pill to

17 February, 2017

Cold Morning Then Spring Preview For A Week

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Friday Feb 17 - Temperatures this morning are the coldest of the week. The good news is that winds are light and that will make the day overall feel much

16 February, 2017

Chilly Today Then Warming For The Next Week

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Thursday February 16 - Today will be cold. No doubt about that. Strong winds from the northwest continue to blow in the wake of the storm that just passed us

15 February, 2017

Rain To Our South Then Warming Up This Weekend

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February 15 - Here is the storm that could have been. Last week there was a day or two when the European Model showed a show event. I did not

14 February, 2017

Another Near Miss Then Warming Up For The Weekend

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February 14 - Happy Valentines Day and I think you will love the lack of wind. A dramatic decrease in the air flow today, but temps are rather cold this

13 February, 2017

High Wind Warning Today: Gusts To 60 mph

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Monday February 13 - The winds came in with full force last night as a line of showers arrive before midnight with Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. It was all about the